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Pedophilia recognized as a disability in Greece

The Greek government has decided to expand a list of state-recognized disability categories. The list includes pedophiles, exhibitionists, and kleptomaniacs.

With the country’s mounting debt and bankruptcy struggles, this decision angers many. People who are already under disability have suffered drastic budget cuts. Adding more disabilities to the list may cut funding even further.

The new list offers disability pay up to 35 percent to pyromaniacs and pedophiles whereas a heart transplant recipient gets 80 percent. The fear is that people who have a life threatening medical condition may get less than someone who is a Peeping Tom.

The greatest concern is Greece’s financial crisis. Many people on welfare had been forced to be reassessed due to widespread  abuse of the system which in the end may lose most or all of their funding. This recent decision to add more disability categories can take away assistance from others who desperately need funding.

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  • Saifullah

    Huhhhh!!! Greece !!!

  • Rushdi

    Greek is now in a very critical moment. There have been a huge economical crises now a days.