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Pennies Are Now Historical Artifacts

535766_558629077489403_2062482977_nIt’s not every generation that can claim they’ve seen such a radical shift in currency as the abolition of a piece of coinage, or so we would like to think. Yes we’ve known it was coming, since March of last year to be exact, but did we know what it meant; aside from the obvious that we all now have way too many pennies. So what can you the average penny user expect now that pennies are attempting to become a thing of the past.


1. You don’t have to get rid of them, there shall be no grand penny exodus or inquisition.           Merely an insidious phasing out as fewer and fewer stores will accept the copper coinage. Use them while you can.

2. How will you pay for awkwardly priced purchases like a sandwich that comes to 14.58$ (it’s a good sandwich), say hello to the rounding system. While all pricing will not end in 5 or 0 once you hit the checkout your price must be rounded up or down accordingly, finally that elementary school math will be put to work. Of course if you pay by debit or credit that money is abstract anyways, so you’re still paying exactly 14.58$.



3. So some of you who are up on the rising value of copper may be wondering if you are secret millionaires. How much are your grandma’s jars of pennies worth? Not that much…right  now. The market is still flooded with pennies, currently they are worth 1.5 cents each based on metal content. So if you don’t want to wait for the economic global collapse where you can clean up, or the zombiepocalypse where you can melt them down for bullets then send them in to the government and have them reimburse you the cost.

So are other coins in danger, who knows maybe, let the conspiracy theories fly, Global currency! All Credit etc… The question is do people want to get rid of them? And what benefit would that serve aside from more pocket space?

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