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Philippe Dubost: Creative Online Resume Goes Viral

Philippe Dubost, a web product manager, built himself an online resume that is the best ever seen online. And the most interactive too.

Dubost, who is currently in Paris, France, created the page to look like an product page making himself as the product. The page lists his dimensions, the languages he speaks, and add him to your cart that will bring up a contract form. He also created options to purchase “related” products like an airline ticket and Asics (he seems to be a runner). You can also read customer reviews where the average is five stars. But one gives him a one-star rating saying, “lots of ex-girlfriends”.

The page has now gone viral and has almost exceeded Dubost’s server capacity.

Most of the traffic came from Mashable’s Chris Taylor when he wrote, “We don’t actually know if Philippe Dubost is any good at his job. But boy, can he throw together a resume.”

Well, from what I can see Dubost seems to be good at his job.

You can check out Philippe Dubost’s Online resume here

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 8.09.47 AM

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