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Pills Made From Dead Babies Seized In Korea

It’s one of those bizarre myths about medical powers coming from body parts. Many of these myths include animal body parts, but this time it’s from dead babies.

Pills containing powdered flesh of fetuses and babies were smuggled into South Korea from China.

Yep, you heard it, dead baby flesh.

They are being used as performance enhancers much like Viagara, according to reports.

Police have seized thousands of these pills. Close to 17,500 of the macabre capsules have been removed from tourists’ luggage and international mail since August 2011.

Officials would not comment as to where the dead babies came from or who manufactured the pills. Last year, China launched an investigation into the production of these drugs.

A documentary aired by a television network prompted South Korea to crack down on these durgs last year. The film accused Chinese pharmaceutical companies of working with abortion clinics to produce pills fromhuman fetuses and dead infants.

Myths about the medical powers of dead babies have been a long held belief in some parts of China. They believe that consuming human placentas can revive blood supply and circulation. This belief has kept the pills in high demand. Now, the new fad for these pills is that is enhances sexual performance, according to Global Times.

But reports about the capsules stated that the pills contain “super bacteria” that is hazardous to human health.

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