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Pizza Man Pees on Customer’s Door

It is standard practice to tip the pizza man but this Des Moines, Iowa resident just didn’t have the cash. As a result of being stiffed, the pizza man unzipped his pants and peed on her door. Unfortunately for him he was caught on video.

The manager of the Pizza Hut came to the property to view the video and the man in the video has since been let go.

Other stories of customers stiffing workers have broken out including one of a woman who didn’t tip on a $138.35 bill. Instead she wrote, ‘single mom, sorry’ on the tip line. The picture of the receipt has gone viral, outraging many by her stinginess.

Another tipless patron writes, ‘Sorry Single Mom’ in the tip line

In some states, a server’s wage can be as low as $2.13 per hour as most of the income is from tips.

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  • Mark Fuller

    It makes me laugh :)

  • Tittery

    Why he doing so? May be he get angrier with them!

  • Favio

    Funny man!

  • Gracia

    He is slightly mad, I think.

  • Meski

    Real Pizza man 😉