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Plus-size Women In Bikinis: The Fatkini Movement

woman wearing a stars and stripes fatkini


Fashion blogger Gabi Gregg decided to post a photo of her plus-size body in a bikini. She said she received several positive feedback from the photo.

She encouraged other plus-size women to do the same. She wanted them to embrace their body shapes and to be proud of what they have.

Since then many plus-size women posted their own photos in the online community There were 31 curvy women in total who submitted their photos wearing a bikini that they called Fatkinis.

Gregg and her Fatkini followers received some harsh words from commentators about promoting an unhealthy weight. She responded to these negative comments on the TODAY show.

She said:

“I’m all for health. I think people should really be aware of what they’re putting in their bodies and try to get more active,” she told Hall. “The truth is, we have to live in our bodies and be happy with the bodies we have right now, regardless of where we are in our journey to health.”

Do you think Fatkinis promote self-confidence or an unhealthy weight? Should plus-size women stick with a one piece bathing suit?

Check out the pictures below.

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