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Police Handcuff 6yr-old student for Misbehaving

A Milledgeville, Georgia kindergarten student was handcuffed because she misbehaved in school.

According to the report Lesia Johnson allegedly tore items off the walls and threw furniture. She knocked over a shelf that injured the principal.

The report said the police officer tried to calm her down, but when she resisted the officer handcuffed her.

Johnson’s mother and family are upset for the treatment of the child.

Lesia’s Aunt said, “She may have misbehaved, but she did not misbehave to the point where she should get handcuffed and taken down to the police department.”

According to Police chief any individual of any age who is taken to the precinct needs to be handcuffed to the back.

The police claim that they could not reach her mother so they took the kindergarten student to the precinct.

“Call the police, is that the first step? Or can there be there be any other kind of intervention that can be taken to help that child?” Lesia’s aunt said.

The kindergartener had been charged with simple assault and damage to property.

Do you think school officials and police overreacted by handcuffing a kindergarten student? Or did they act appropriately?

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  • Whir606

    If I was the police i’d probably use my tazer, kids are quite dangerous y’know