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Police Kill Man In Times Square (VIDEO)
police shoot a knife-weidling man at times square
Police shot and killed a knife-wielding man in Time Square this Saturday.

Police say that the man lunged at them with a knife and a confrontation began.

The incident happened around 3pm Saturday. Officers approached a man who appeared to be smoking marijuana in Times Square.

The man pulled a knife and proceeded to put a bandana on his head. Police ordered him to drop the weapon, but the man refused to do so.

The man who they say was still holding the knife continued to walk down the block. The police officers with their guns drawn continued their pursuit of the man. At West 37th Street, the man lunged at police and officers shot him in the chest.

The man was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to witnesses, the man was “swinging at people” with the knife as he came down the avenue. The chaotic scene was captured on video by several cellphone cameras and by NY1 news station.

Times Square is New York’s most crowded tourist area. Many bystanders witnessed the confrontation.

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