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Police Search Manhattan Building For Boy Missing Since 1979

A decades-old kidnapping case was reopened recently in light of new evidence.

Investigators received new leads regarding the case of 9-year-old Etan Patz.

Othniel Miller, 75, was seen with Patz the night before his disappearance from the SoHo neighborhood in Manhattan.

Etan disappeared on May 25, 1979, while walking alone to his school bus which was two blocks from his home. Miller’s workshop is located in the same path.

According to FoxNews, the FBI is investigating the basement where a suspicious stain was found last week. The substance was found to be an “organic substance”, possibly blood. The basement was a part of Miller’s workspace.

Evidence of the stain was sent out for testing while investigators continue to search the basement. About 50 percent of the basement have been removed.

A source told FoxNews that a molestation claim prompted police to pursue evidence that may point to Miller as a “person of interest” in the 1979 kidnapping. In addition to clues that may point to Miller, his ex-wife admitted to police last year that Miller sexually assaulted her 10-year-old niece a few years after Etan’s disappearance which led to their divorce.

After a cadaver-sniffing dog picked up a scent in the basement, investigators ripped up the basement’s concrete floors.

Law enforcement officials have remained mum about what have been uncovered so far.

The Patz family have stayed in the same apartment for 33 years hoping that Etan would some day come back. They have declined to comment on the investigation, posting a note outside of their door.

“To the hardworking and patient media people, the answer to all your questions at this time is no comment. Please stop ringing our bell and calling our phone for interviews. Stan Patz, 3E.”

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