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Nicest Bear Ever


A polite Grizzly bear waves hello to people in a car.

Two people in a car decided to wave to a bear behind a safety wire. The bear seemed to nod in approval and raised its hand to wave.

How awesome is that?

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  • Joanna

    The bear is so cute.. Thanks for sharing this video FTD!

  • Gerry C

    Thanks to fresh til death for posting such a cute video. Just showed it to my little kid, who’s always scared of it!!

  • Karen

    I do not think living bear could be friendly like that! Nice video! :-)

  • Mr. Perfect

    I think he does not waves for “hello”, it’s for “come here, be my dinner!” LOL..

  • Favio

    Ya, it’s the nicest bear ever. After seeing this video I can realize that, animals are not always scared.

  • Hillary

    Say hello to this Nicest bear! LOL

  • Bresnan

    This bear isn’t like the others one! Really awesome!!!

  • Kelly Johnson

    Bears are cute as a stuff toys, but if become a living bear whew it could be scary! This one in the video is awesome!

  • Jason

    Seeing this video, I could say, that not all living bears are scariest creature! LOL

  • Marsha Sanchez

    Wow this an awesome video! 😉 The bear is so polite!