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Politician Punches Female Politician on the Face

A spokesman for Greece’s Golden Dawn party slapped and threw water at two female politicians during a live TV debate yesterday.

Ilias Kasidiaris was condemned by other political parties for his assault on the two women during the morning talk show.

The people who were participating in the debate were locked in a room at a TV studio. After the assault, Kasidiaris broke down the door and escaped, according to the TV host.

Political parties ordered police to track him down and arrest him for the assault.

During the TV debate, Kasidiaris and Rena Dourou, a member of the radical left-wing SYRIZA party, were clearly arguing. Then as Kasidiaris called her a “joke”, he picked up a glass of water and threw it at her face.

Other panelists were stunned by his actions. Liana Kanelli, a communist party deputy, threw newspaper at Kasidiaris. He quickly stood up, called her a “commie” and hit her hard on the face twice.

Kanelli told reporters, “I was worried he might throw the glass and hurt somebody.”

She received a bruise on her cheek, but said it was her “badge of honour.”

Golden Dawn entered parliament for the first time in May. The party is against illegal immigrants in Greece and had been regarded as neo-Nazis by some.

Their chief party leader, Nikos Mihaloliakos, reportedly gives Nazi salutes and denies the Holocaust.

According to a statement in Golden Dawn’s website, Kasidiaris was provoked during the debate.

“If anybody wants us to condemn our colleague over this indeed unfortunate moment, they should first condemn Ms Kanelli’s attack and slandering.”

Kadsidiaris could face up to 10 years in jail if he is convicted. He already has charges laid on him on separate charges. He has been accused of assisting assailants during an attack on a university professor in 2007.

politician punches woman on the face

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