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Predicktor App Predicts Men’s Penis Size (VIDEO)

The Predicktor app hels uncover a man’s penis size.

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The new “medical prediction” app was reportedly developed by a Toronto-based family physician. It attempts to tell the user a man’s penis size by using his height, sexual orientation and finger length. According to its website, it cross-references trends from scientific studies.

The app’s website does say that it’s for humorous purposes only. However, Dr. Chris Culligan hopes that the Predicktor can help dispel myths and dismiss “penis-related insecurity, anxiety or dissatisfaction” in men.

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Dr. Culligan also states that a man’s race “has never been shown to be related to penis size in any reasonable published study.”

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But Culligan does say that there were studies that found many gay men to have longer, thicker genitalia on average.

At this time the app is only available for Androids.

Do you think you’ll try this app?

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  • Sarah Phil

    Cool app need to get this!

  • Small Tedd

    Haha …very funny! I cant wait to see how this works!

  • Peter Steve

    Humorous indeed !!

  • Vicrotia Brians

    The sweetness of a big dick is when its a surprise. This app is no good than a surprise breaker if it works.

  • Anne Sheila

    Is it for real?? Its high time I got something like this…because here dudes are so disappointing!

  • Benjamin Franklin

    MUST TRY THIS ! I hope its free in the google play store market.

  • Benjamin Franklin

    Ladies must be really shallow if they use such apps… pitty!

  • Faith

    This thing is fake.,