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Project X copy cats getting out of hand: 1 boy killed

Project X copy cats are growing in numbers. The movie about three unpopular boys who threw a big party while their parents were away turned into a wild and destructive night.

In an attempt for another house party was posted by a Florida teen on YouTube. In the video, he showed a tour of a foreclosed home in Florida which he vandalized. He was arrested by police before the party ever happened. However, 2000 people showed up later that night.

In another Houston Project X-like party, a YouTube viral invitation prompted 1000 people to show up at an empty mansion. As police came to break up the party, one party-goer started shooting. Ryan Spikes, an 18 year old high school student, was killed.

Mikey Vasovski, a Michigan teen, tweeted party invitations on twitter. He received RSVP’s from all over the world. When his dad heard of his son’s plans, he called police and asked them to stay outside of his house in case there were party-goers who show up.

And two weeks ago, kids trashed a newly built home in Houston. The group of teens were caught and arrested after a second attempt was stopped by the developer’s private investigator.

The Project X phenomena is growing and it is costing the police and the public. Though the publicity isn’t hurting the people who made the movie. A sequel is now in the works.

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