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Queen Elizabeth’s Panties Sold for $18,000

queen elizabeth's underwear
An anonymous Ebay bidder shelled out a whopping $18,000 for panties that were once owned by Queen Elizabeth.

The knickers were found in 1968. It was embroidered with the letter “E” along with a picture of a crown.

It was said to have been left in a private plane by the Queen during a visit to Chile. The private plane was owned by “Baron” Joseph de Bicske Dobronyl. He died in 2010. The underwear was part of Dobronyl’s estate.

The underwear’s auction page said it is a “once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire and own a piece of collectable royal memorabilia.” The listing also said that it was previously used and although it showed signs of aging it was in good condition.

Whether the Queen actually owned the old knickers or not, this is one granny panty to be proud of.

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