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Real-life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova: “I’m From Another Universe”


If looking like Barbie isn’t weird enough, Valeria Lukyanova says she’s from a different universe.

Lukyanova from Ukraine lives on a liquid-only diet, is married and believes she’s from another planet.


Valeria and her friend, Olga “Dominica” Oleynik explains: “Me and Lera, we come from the constellation of Pleiades. There, such looks are normal.”


Lera, short for Valeria, grew up in Tiraspol, Transnistria. She has a younger sister named, Olga, who is studying in Odessa where Lera lives.

When Lera was a little girl, she collected dolls and had more than 50 of them in her collection. Later, she became fixated with the perfect toy dolls that she started modelling herself after them.

Lukyanova’s photos emerged on the internet in the spring of last year. People at first thought her photos were photoshopped to look like Barbie. She later explained that her looks were achieved by daily gym visits, starving herself and a boob job.

The Barbie-look-like claims she is 23 years old, but her friends on the internet say she is really 27.

Lera has become famous on the internet, but the more we hear from her the more bizarre her actions become.

In a series of video blogs she explains:

“If you spend time working only on your appearance and you forget about your inner self, people will not be interested in you because they will not feel anything.”

“Many people think you need only good looks to be successful but that’s not true — only spiritual work can bring tangible results.”

Wait minute, didn’t she get a boob job?

Her vlogs go on to tell her fans that her “ultimate goal is to be powered only by solar energy”.

She also claims to she has mastered the art of time travel through space.

She told her fans: “I also teach people to leave their physical body and travel in the endless expanses of the universe.”

Despite all this internet fame, Valeria is happily married to Dmitry Shkrabov.

She says they have an “open relationship”, but doesn’t quite explain what she means by it. She also says that she does not want kids because they do not have kids in her universe.

“I don’t feel the desire and the capacity to be a mother. I’m from another universe.”

“There, everyone is asexual – in our dimension there’s no such thing as children.”

She implies that she and her husband do not have sex either.

“I do not have animal urges. Some people enjoy eating the most, some having sex.”

“I will say one thing – the less you make this so-called love, the better.”

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  • Eev

    Funny thing is, she’s known for lying about pretty much everything.

  • Natalia

    This story is so interesting

  • Forstin

    I thought it was an art work!