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Real-Life Legally Blonde Receives Two Degrees

Charlotte Poole, who dresses like Barbie, hits back at her bullies who called her an airhead by receiving two degrees.

Charlotte was obsessed with making herself look like Barbie when she was 15. She wore figure-hugging corsets, dyed her hair to a platinum blonde color and had breast augmentation. She is now a 34F.

She said she felt insecure about her looks and looking like Barbie makes her feel beautiful.

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Charlotte Poole worked at Hooters to pay for University
Charlotte Poole worked at Hooters to pay for University

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“I loved Barbie dolls and I loved the Barbie look after watching Melinda Messenger and Pamela Anderson on TV,’ she said.

“I worried about the way I looked so I started wearing make-up and dressing up. I couldn’t even go to the corner shop without wearing full make-up and it just went on from there.”

Once she started modelling her looks to Barbie, Charlotte said people saw her as a “brainless bimbo.” However, she has proven that she is not all looks, she has brains too!


Charlotte Elizabeth at 16
Charlotte Elizabeth at 16

The 22-year-old holds a law degree and a masters with distinction.

She refers to her Barbie-esque look as “Charlotte Elizabeth,” but when she’s at school or at work she is just Charlotte Poole.

The blonde beauty loves dressing up to become Barbie. But make no mistake she takes her schooling seriously.

“When I have exams, Charlotte Elizabeth goes away. There is a time and a place to be glamorous. Education always comes first,” she said

Her boyfriend, Samuel Pyle, told the Daily Mail that he loves her because she is smart. He met her without makeup and the glam. He says he loves the way she looks first thing in the morning “fresh faced and with bed hair.”

Charlotte now works as a social media coordinator for a fashion company. She still desires to get a nose job, veneers, and lip injections. Though she says she will probably do this when she gets older.

“For now I am trying to my best to tone down the Barbie within now I have my new job.”

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  • Eev

    Not that it matters, noone will take you serious when you keep dressing like a tan addicted prostitute.

  • Favio

    Blonde!! I like them all the time 😉

  • Elly

    They looks like so cute!

  • Tyles Gomes

    Congratulations girl two degrees .Wao! that’s fine