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Real-life Rapunzel (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

A mother has grown her hair over 6 feet long and her daughters are not far behind.

Terelynn Russel has hair longer than her body, which makes her a real-life Rapunzel! Beat that real-life Barbie doll!


Her three oldest daughters have also grown their hair that are long enough to touch the ground.

“You have to have patience to be in this house with all of this hair,” Russel said.



The 43-year-old mother taught her daughters to braid each others hair and has put up important rules in the house regarding their hair.


One special rule is that all must keep their hair up in and around the kitchen. More specifically around the stove.

Russel and her girls use lots of shampoo and conditioner. She then wrings out her thick 6-foot strands of hair then blow dries them for an hour.



She says she saves a lot of money by not going to a salon. She mainly spends it on clips and hair conditioner.

She told Inside Edition that the shortest hair she’s ever had was when she was 4-year-old. At that time, her hair was already down to her waist.

She says she considers short hair to be above her waist.


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  • Cate Williams

    I thought that such a long hair will give someone stress to maintain, but to my surprise it is very easy to handel

  • Agel Mercy

    This is a good story, I couldn’t believe it but i had no otherwise.