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Rights Group Want Killer Robots Banned

Human Rights Watch is warning the government against the use of armed robots and drones. The automated machines will not be able to differ between civilians and soldiers. The group issued a 50 page report titled “Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots.”

Countries who are developing such automated drones and sentry robots include: China, Germany, United States, Israel and more. The rights group says giving these machines that much power is going too far. Currently commands can be overridden by a human. What happens when the commands fail? It won’t be the robot’s fault, but the commander who gave the orders.

Governments are excited about where this technology is heading. They want to remove soldiers from the battle field and replace them with robots, resulting in less casualties.

Experts predict the technology for fully automated and armed machines to be developed in 20 to 30 years.

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  • Virat

    So are the human rights people saying it’s okay to have a pilot shot down and killed instead!!

  • Angel

    Oh those Human Rights group, they do love their Terminator franchise.

  • Clara

    Autonomous robot wars with Craig Charles. I love it!!

  • Rayan

    Ban them? No, that’s lunacy. Encourage them, then when we all have them, the people can stay at home and watch them fight each other.

  • Keti

    But the killer robots will only do what Skynet tells them to do!

  • Mark Fuller

    How about banning the human rights act!!