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Rihanna Topless Photo (PHOTOS)

After Rihanna stole the show in Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show in New York, the singer posted a raunchy topless photo on twitter.

She posted an almost nude picture of her with her back facing the camera and her left arm covering her left boob.

Images of her V Magazine shoot with Kate Moss has also surface. The two can be seen posing seductively together. One image shows Rihanna holding Kate’s leg.

Check out Rihanna and Kate Moss in V Magazine.

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  • Knijov Dimitri

    Rhiannas a nice looking lady, but who’s the other hottie in the left side of her? owwww, lol 😉

  • Keti

    Stupidest woman in the world…

  • Gracia

    Why is this woman always half dressed? Rihanna use your vocals not your skin to sell CDs. Okay?

  • Sheri

    What I’d do for a body like hers…?

  • Kevin

    Sexy Rihanna! I wanna see your naked body 😉

  • Jonathon

    You go girl. I mean it. Just go. Keep going. I’ll let you know when you can stop!

  • Xamtion

    Wake me when the girl puts some clothes on for a change 😉