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Blackberry 10 Revealed

After years of struggling to compete with Apple’s iPhone and phones that work on Google Android, the company is planning to release a full touchscreen Blackberry.

New CEO, Thorstein Heins revealed the Blackberry 10 feature by using a prototype device at the Blackberry World conference in Orlando. However, he did not mention a launch date for the software.

Heins promised that each developer at the conference will receive a prototype of the Blackberry. He told them that it is not the finished product.

“We’re taking our time to make sure we get this right,” Heins said.

The company has struggled to compete with more consumer-oriented phones in the past years. It seems they are relying on the new Blackberry 10 software platform to bring them back up to their glory days.

“I’m very, very confident we will be there later this year with an exciting product. Make no mistake, this is not the final device, this is not the final hardware,” Heins said.

“But it’s a very, very important milestone for us.”

According to the promotional YouTube video, the Blackberry features a touchscreen keypad that allow users to select full words with a single key stroke.

Some analysts say that it may be too late for Blackberry 10.

They say that by the time Blackberry 10 devices are launched, iPhone 5, Windows 8 and other Android devices will be out. It may be a little too late for the Canadian company.

Although, Blackberry 10 may not completely save RIM, the company is focusing more on getting the product right the first time instead of releasing a flawed product.

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