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Robocop Headset Lets Police See Through Walls (VIDEO + PHOTOS)


Robocop headset lets police see through walls to identify suspects.

The Golden-I headset, similar to the Google’s Glass project, offers the ability to see through walls using infrared technology.


The gadget is operated by voice commands and head movements so that the user can get access to information without using their hands.

The U.S. company, Kopin Corporation, developed the gadget. But the software was created by Ikanos Consulting.



The Golden-I was introduced at the CES 2013 show in Las Vegas last month. But the firm has not given any information as to the price of the product.

The product will be trialled this year and could possibly go on sale even before Google’s Glass project. The gadget had been dubbed ‘Robocop’ headset due to its bulkiness in comparison toc to Google Glass.



The gadget can use several applications geared towards the police and other emergency services. One application is the Police Pro that provides real-time situational awareness in the field. It would enable officers to record incidents and view live video feeds from other Golden-I headsets.

It can also identify suspects using facial recognition, receive alerts form motion sensors, scan license plates instantly, monitor basic vital signs and call up floor plans and GPS coordinates. Whew! Let’s just hope its as good as Google Maps.



Another application is the Firefighter Pro which allows firefighters to pull up floor plans, GPS coordinates, see through walls using infrared technology, monitor crew and surroundings, navigate through unfamiliar environments, and provide on-site video streaming.

Office employees can also use the Robocop glasses. The Ikanos-created Lifeboard application can help you customize up to 6 different screens to manage your day.


The Golden-I features a 14-megapixel camera with optional infrared camera for thermal and night vision.

There is also a 1080 HD detachable camera for recording and sending video.

What do your think of the Robocop glasses? Do you think it will be better than Google Glass?

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  • Peter Steve

    The gadget may be the best tool to fight crime.

  • Dalumas Nick

    Yeah it seems more effective.