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Robot Prostitutes Coming Soon

New Zealand scientists claim that brothels with robot prostitutes could become a reality by 2050.

Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars wrote the paper Robots, Men And Sex Tourism, where it described a world where sex tourism using lifelike sex robots will be the future for brothels. This will decrease human concerns about the spread of STDs and human trafficking.

The robots will be made with bacteria-resistant materials that ensures safer sex.

A fictitious brothel in Amsterdam called Yub-Yum was described in the paper. It states that for just over $8,000 people are “guaranteed a wonderful and thrilling experience as all the androids are programmed to perform every service and satisfy every desire.”

According to the video, Japanese scientists are hard at work on life-like robots called the “geminoid.” Although their work may not be geared towards brothels at this time, it does seem like Yeoman and Mar’s theory may come true.

If you ask us, this sounds too frankenstein-ish.

Oh and no prostitutes have commented on the scientists’ claim.

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  • Demion Devontae Jordan

    LOL! WTF!?!?! Stuff like this is for losers. Having sex with an android is worse than masturbating.

  • Favio

    I want to s** with this cute robot 😉