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Russian ‘Skywalker’ Shows Cleavage (VIDEO)

A woman in Russia skywalks on a high rise building, but her cleavage gets more attention.

skywalker shows cleavage as she video tapes her skywalkThe woman attempted the skywalk in one of Moscow’s high-rise buildings. The woman did not appear to wear a harness while walking the thin beam. Instead she wore a camera on her head and filmed her stunt.

Not only can viewers see how far off the ground she was walking, they also got a view of her cleavage. As she looked down, the camera captured her cleavage peeking through her tight red shirt.

Which one makes her video more exciting: walking on a thin beam hundreds of feet above the ground or her cleavage? What do you think?


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  • Eev

    Anyone without fear of heights can do that. Not that thin a beam.