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Sandy Leaves East Coast Devastated

After Sandy: Staten Island New York

Several pictures of New York and the East Coast has surfaced after Sandy passed through on Monday and Tuesday night.

The grim images depict the strength of the hurricane that put several states into stand still.

Superstorm Sandy flooded streets, subway stations, dragged boats to shore, and levelled houses. Millions of people were without power and communication.

Currently the death toll is at 50.

Crispfield, Maryland: coffins surfaced from the ground after Sandy swelled the ground underneath.

After Sandy passed through people across 17 states were without power. The New York Stock Exchange was closed for a second day due to the weather. This is the first time they closed since a blizzard in 1888.

In one image taken at a cemetery in Crisfield, Maryland, coffins emerged from the ground after Sandy dislodged the cement slabs that covered them.

In New York City, NYU’s Langone Medical Center was forced to relocate more than 200 patients including 20 babies from neonatal intensive care after a backup generator failed.

JFK International Airport ion New YOrk and Newark International Airport in New Jersey will reopen at 7am today. However, LaGuardia Airport will remain closed.

Sandy started in the Caribbean where it killed 70 people. It strengthened into a hurricane as it went along the southeastern coast of the United States.

Last night it met up with another storm which people dub a “superstorm” and as some called it “Frankenstorm.”

Images of Sandy’s destruction:

South Ferry subway station in New York: knee-deep in water last night

Flooding in Tuckerton, New Jersey
Around 130 homes were destroyed by fire when Sandy struck Breezy Point New York
Breezy Point New York

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