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School Tells Girl To Get Breast Reduction To Stop Bullying

School tells mother of 13-year-old student to get breast reduction to stop bullying.

Tammie Jackson says the school her daughter, Gabrielle, goes to told her that the only suggestion they had for her was to get a breast reduction.

Gabrielle, a grade 6 student in Central Middle School in Moline Acres had been dealing with bullying since last semester. Jackson called the school district to complain and could not believe the school’s recommendation.

Jackson says she feels as if it’s her fault and God’s fault that her daughter was the way she is.


She claims that the lady on the phone told her they could transfer Gabrielle, but she would still get teased because of her big breasts. The woman then offered advise to get a breast reduction for Gabrielle.

District superintendent, Clive Coleman, said they are investigating bullying in the school. He also believes that it may have been a misunderstanding in communication.

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  • Ashami

    Will the school cater for the breast reduction cost or they are just giving silly suggestions?

  • James

    Maybe the lady on the phone was joking about the breast reduction but the mother misunderstood her statement.

  • JONS

    District superintendent should not only investigate, they should take action to those naught students,

  • Grolia

    The girl should be transferred, and if she bulled in the new school, then they have no option (breast reduction)

  • Emma

    The school is the one allowing bulling, the mother is supposed to sue the school.

  • Edger

    Those bulling the girl should be expelled other than the school giving the lady silly suggestions

  • olive

    It is nether that lady’s fault nor God’s fault that her daughter has big boos. It is God,s creation and we have to be glad in it.