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Scientists Make Stem Cells Out Of Urine

UrineStem cell researchers have been trying to find a way to create stem cells from other sources.

Scientists have been working on converting kidney cells into stem cells. The results, according to scientists, are promising.

Using urine will allow scientists to make stem cells without using embryos.

Embryonic stem cell research have long been controversial. Scientists say that generating stem cells using urine will put an end to the controversy.

According to scientists, that the procedure is non-invasive and will help provide an abundant supply of stems cells to work with.

Scientists hope that they will soon create a powerful agent that will help fight against degenerative diseases.

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  • Alan

    What away to go keep up the spirit.

  • Victoria

    This scientists think they know it all.they think that they can control the whole world

  • Natalia

    If making stem using urine will benefit us, they can go ahead

  • Zico

    These scientists will stop at nothing to get what they want.

  • Bernice

    If this will end the controversy the better.