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Sean Kingston Said “Bieber Gave Me His Car”

Justin Bieber says he did not give Sean Kingston his car.

The car, a customized Fisker Karma, was seen been driven around by Sean Kingston.

When he drove up to Boa this weekend, Kingston told photographers that Justin gave him the car as a gift.

According to Bieber’s reps, he did not give his car to Kingston. Apparently, Kingston asked Justin if he could borrow the car to go out for dinner since Justin’s away on tour. The “Boyfriend” singer said yes.

The car is now back in Justin’s garage.

Kingston’s reps say the rapper was only joking when he said The Biebs gave him the car.

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  • Mark Fuller

    Joke of the week 😉

  • Wilma

    I Love you Justin…Your my idol ever!!!

  • Alona

    If Justin really generous enough to give the car, probably there will be no issues at all. Come on Justin your a Multi million star! Give it away. :-)

    • Mr. Perfect

      lol… Now I conclude that Justine is not generous…

  • Hillary

    It is not quite easy to give away the fruit of your labor. I think Sean is only joking when he said Justin give it to him, and this photographers made a big issue on it. 😉

  • Sheena

    Well I think they had a little bit misunderstanding. :-)

  • Favio

    Please Bieber give him this car 😉

  • Fatema

    It’ll be great for Sean, if Bieber gave him it as a gift

  • Liz

    What a joke 😉