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Second victim of Ohio school shooting dies Tuesday morning

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A second victim of a Ohio school shooting has died today.

Daniel Parmerter was the first to succumb to his wounds yesterday. Three others were also injured including Russell King Jr.

King, who is 17, was pronounced dead at 12:42 a.m. at Ohio’s Metro Health Medical Center this morning, February 28.

The shooting took place at Chardon High School on February 27, just after 8 AM in the cafeteria where students were having breakfast.

TJ Lane, had been identified as the alleged shooter, according to a student who witnessed the incident. He is reportedly in solitary confinement.

Nate Meuller, a junior at the school, reported that he heard a loud pop at 7:45 a.m. in the cafeteria.

“It was terror. Everything had just gone tunnel vision, like, I need to get out of here,” Mueller said. “You see glances of your friends laying all over the place. There’s blood, there’s people screaming, everybody’s just running in different directions and you’re just trying to get out. That’s all you can do, get out of the school and not look back even though your friends are back there.”

Meuller told ABC News that he heard a friend yell “duck” as he turned to find Lane standing by his table. He saw another friend get hit when Lane took another shot.

A bullet reportedly grazed Meuller’s ear when he try to crawl away. He was not badly injured except for a small red mark on his ear.

Daniel Parmerter’s family released a statement through the hospital:

“We are shocked by this senseless tragedy. Danny was a bright young boy who had a bright future ahead of him. The family is torn by this loss. We ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.”

The alleged shooter, TJ Lane, had been described as an outcast. Classmates believed that he had been bullied. According to reports, he posted a poem on his Facebook page in late December stating: “He longed for only one thing, the world to bow at his feet…Die, all of you.”

Geauga County reported that TJ Lane had a troubled family life. His parents divorced in March 2002. His father, Thomas M. Lane Jr. was charged with felonious assault, kidnapping and disrupting public service a month after.

He was sentenced to four years in prison, but released nine months later in July 2003.

The shooter was chased out of the school by a teacher and later turned himself in, according to authorities. The suspect is in custody at the Geauga County Safety Center according to ABC News affiliate WEWS.

School Superintendent, Joseph Bergant, said at a news conference, “Our prayers go out to the five victims and their families. It’s a horrible tragedy.”