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Serena Williams Broke Racquet At Australian Open (VIDEO)

Serena Williams destroys her tennis racquet after a tough match at the Australian Open.

Williams was upset after a tight battle with Sloane Stephens. The Olympic gold medalist hit the ground with her racquet in frustration and wrecked it.


Apparently, Williams hurt her back. After that she was not the same. For one, she seemed to have lost speed on her serve. ”A few days ago [my back] got really tight and I had no rotation on it,” Williams said. “I went for this drop shot in the second set and it locked up on it, and I couldn’t really rotate after that.”

After throwing her racquet to the ground, Williams walked angrily and sat down while crowds could be heard saying “ooh”.

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  • Edger

    I really feel sorry for her.She is my role model.

  • Millicent

    She is also a human being,we all at times lack control of our emotions

  • Paloma

    Was she defeated or what ! i don,t understand why she did that.,

  • Ebele

    Am so disappointed by her action.

  • Forstin

    That,s not how an idol is suppose to behave just because he or she is frustrated