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  • Regina

    I don’t find it a sexy one! It is more artistic…

  • Georgina

    Photography got very artistic! I like this!

  • Alexis

    Not everyone has a talent with this! Thumbs up for the artist!

  • Oliver

    It would be nicer if he uploaded more photo! but this 3 are wonderful!

  • Jason

    This one is wonderful, the artist should put more photo! I wonder if a sunflower can be a skirt too? LOL

  • Christine Marie

    Not only sexy, it is also captivating flower photograph!

  • Gerry C

    Awesome collection!! Just creative, great!!!

  • Chelsea

    This photograph are great! The artist are very creative!

  • Angelie

    The one who made this has a creative mind! Great pictures! 😉

  • Nina Lee

    Using flowers as skirt was a very creative idea!