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Shooting At California High School: Two Injured

s-TAFT-HIGH-SCHOOL-SHOOTING-largeA shooting in a California high school injured two students.

Taft Union High School was evacuated when a 16-year-old student started shooting in the classroom at 9 a.m. on January 10, 2013.

The shooter used a 12-gauge shotgun.

The teen shot one student and missed another one. Police believe that the two students were the intended targets as the shooter called the second victim’s name.

The teacher was able to lead other students out the back door while he and a campus supervisor engaged the shooter in a conversation to district him. The two were able to calm the shooter down. They convinced him to put down his weapon.

“[They] did a great job protecting the kids,” Chief of Police Ed Whiting said.

The teacher did suffer a minor wound to his head.

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  • Garble

    Thanks to the teacher for being brave enough and saved the students

  • Tracy Miler

    If those people who are in government and other highly positions are ordering people to be shoot, which other leave do we expect our children to borriow

  • Krystal Lyne

    School authorities should have known by now that students are having guns to school and intensify the security

  • Lilian

    Oh my almighty please come down and safe this children from their satanic mind

  • Lilian

    Where are this stupid kids getting the guns from? They should be concentrating on their education.