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Shooting in France left 4 people dead

A shooting in southern France Monday left four people dead. It had been the third shooting in the area in 10 days.

The shooting killed a teacher and three children. One was a 3 -year old child said prosecutor Michel Valet. The shooting took place in the city of Toulouse.

The gunman fled on a motor scooter after the shootings. Interior ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said the gunman may have used two different guns.

“It’s a horrible tragedy,” Brandet said on CNN affiliate BFM.

Authorities suspect that this shooting is linked to a previous shooting by a man on a motorcycle in southwest France on March 11.

“Even if it’s too early to say whether or not they are the same weapons, there are similarities,” Brandet said.

The March 11, shooting involved a helmeted man on a motorcycle. He killed a soldier who was not in uniform.

Two other soldiers were shot dead and another was injured by a man wearing a motorcycle helmet in the city of Montauban in southwestern France.

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