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  • Regina

    For me it’s halfway true on the first one.. :-)

  • Alexis

    I think this two phrase are exactly suits for me! 😉

  • Jefferson

    The truth really strikes! LOL I do agree with both quotes!

    • Georgina

      Does it strikes you? LOL me either!

  • Bobby

    The two phrase works for me. LOL

  • Ayesha

    For me this first one! I love to shut up if I am wrong and listen for corrections.

  • Antonio

    I can absolutely relate with the 2nd phrase! LOL

  • Hillary

    This is absolutely true. Shut up! LOL

  • Bresnan

    Ha..Ha.. That’s really right! I know many married man who act like the 1st phrase;)

  • Kelly Johnson

    Yeah, Those two quotes are true. 😉 As a married person you would not argue anymore, and if you are wise enough you won’t argue to those small minded people!

  • Mary Grace

    The first one, I am not yet married so I cannot relate on the 2nd quote. 😉