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Sickening Video Of Parent Hitting A Child (VIDEO)

A horrific 9 minute video of a boy being slapped, punched, and pushed by a larger, older man was posted on Facebook recently. He was arrested after.

A Facebook user named Vasu Amaithi Padai posted the video and has since received 17, 278 shares Sulawesi at press time. It has sparked outrage from many users and demanded that police take action against the individual and video-maker.

In the video, it seems every time the boy cried, the man who is said to be his stepfather, would hit him more.

After hitting the older boy, he was told to kneel down with his hands held high. The man starts taunting the baby beside him. In that one minute, you feel like he was going to do the same to the baby.

The man has been arrested soon after the video was posted on Facebook.

How do you feel about parents giving this type of punishment to their children?

  • ella

    Omg this be makes me sick to my stomach… his screams…. ugh lord have mercy

  • No

    I’d have no trouble beating this man to death