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Sienna Miller in Nude Pregnacy Painting

Society still has trouble viewing one of the most natural forms woman can offer – the pregnant body. The painting is incredibly realistic showcasing Miller’s body against a grey background. Artist Jonathan Yeo has painted Sienna Miller in the nude and pregnant with oil paint. The painting, amongst others, is displayed at Circleculture Gallery in Berlin, Germany.

Yeo says, “society has become almost completely desensitized to the daily exposure to people who have surgically distorted their appearance for artificial reasons”. His aim is to make society more comfortable with natural forms.

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  • Mark Fuller

    Gorgeous, Humans are beautiful animals and pregnant women particularly so.

  • Masum

    Wow! This painting is really beautiful!

  • Rushdi

    Pregnant women are always beautiful…Sienna is no exception 😉

  • Rayan

    She looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Hannah

    There is absolutely nothing more offensive…repulsive…and disgusting as a naked pregnant woman! Great work!!

  • Irena

    Terrific work, the play of realism and abstract is quite intriguing, love it all. Don’t miss the site.

  • Tittery

    She’s gorgeous! Yay! To pregnant Sienna.