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Six Year Old Australian Girl Mauled By A Pack Of Dogs

bull mastiff standing on grassMaya Wicksteed was visiting a neighbor with her father when a pack of dogs mauled her.

The attack happened near the remote western city of Perth. The dogs that mauled the little girl included Arab Bullmastiffs and three domestic ones.

Her father said that his daughter was “a screaming ball of sand and blood” as she was mauled by the six dogs. Police later told him that Maya was dragged in a 130-foot area.

A neighbor came to her aid by laying on top of the girl to shield her from the 130-pound dogs.

“I realized Maya was lying underneath him and his wife was lying down in the path of the dogs to try to shield my daughter,” Wicksteed said.

After Wicksteed picked up a hose and whipped the dogs to stop the attack.

Maya suffered facial injuries. She has undergone surgery and is currently in stable condition.

According to reports, the dog’s belong to the neighbor’s son. They were used for pig hunting. The owners have surrendered the dogs.

Meanwhile, it is anybody’s guess on why the dogs did what they did.

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