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Skateboard Prodigy: “How To Get Girls” (VIDEO)

Twelve year old skateboard prodigy, Steven Fernandez, talks about “how to get girls.”

In a video posted on youtube, Fernandez talks about how to get girls while showing videos of girls butts and talking to girls on the streets.

The 12-year-old talks about why girls like ‘douchebags.’ Most of the women engage with him in conversation and one even planted a kiss on his cheek.

Accroding to, the video seems cute at first, but soon turns disturbing as the boy starts harassing women on the streets. He hugged one young woman and sniffed her clothes saying, “you smell good.” The women was caught off guard and told Fernandez that he was creepy and that he should go home to his mother.

At the end of the video, Fernandez sat in the middle of two women who were wearing only a sweatshirt and underwear. He then points to one of them to show off her underwear.

What do you think of this video?

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  • Bolt

    Kids these days.

  • Duncun

    Huh :( Real stupid kid..

  • Gracia

    Maybe his family is care less about him.

  • Clara

    I think today’s young guys are slight mad like him :(

  • Daniel

    Need to kick his ass >_<

  • Favio

    Huh! Genius boy ever 😉