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Skype Creates Humoticons

Skype is bringing humanity back!

We have all used emoticons in emails, text, status updates, and twitter posts.

Emoticons like:

:) smile
😀 happy
:( sad
:'( crying
:O shocked

But Skype has created a new tool that allows users to use their own face and expressions for emoticons. They are called Humoticons.

According to Skype these “bring humanity back into the conversation.”

The company claims that they will have a service that offer the same features as Facebook such as instant messaging and video chatting which can also be done via a cellphone.

With the Humoticon Facebook app, you can create static photo or an aniimated gif of yourself acting out the emotion like LOL (lauhging out loud).

Here are samples from Huffington post:

You can also check out puking humoticon and devil humoticon.

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