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Smart Bra Detects Breast Cancer

A bra has been developed to detect early signs of breast cancer.

The new bra was developed by Lifeline Biotechnologies after years of research.

The bra that looks like a normal sports bra features a concept called “thermography.” This technology detects heat or abnormal heat signatures from tumors. It has the ability to tell the difference between a tumor and a normal tissue.

The new development is considered an “encouraging sign in the fight against cancer,” according to Dr. Siavah Jabbari of Sharp Barnhart Cancer Center in Chula Vista, California.

Now in its trial stage, the bra has shown good results for breast cancer detection.

The company hopes that the bra would pass the trial stage and become available in the U.S. in the next two years.

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  • Allen

    Oh.. Thanks for this informative post FTD!

  • Julia

    This a great invention! It would really helps women to fight against breast cancer!

  • Georgina

    Oh, I wanna know how it works? :-)

    • Angel

      You’ve to wear this to know, how it works 😉

  • Mark Fuller

    Really super smart BRA 😉

  • Sheri

    Just wondering, how this bra can detect cancer?

  • Gracia

    Great invention ever! Now only this can save a lot women from this disease!!! Thanks to the scientists…

  • Elly

    Really smart 😉

  • Favio

    What a invention!! Thanks to modern medical science!!!

  • Tim Clerk

    Great step against breast cancer 😉