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  • Alexis

    This pic is very interesting! 😉

  • Georgina

    This a funny pic! It is thinkable if this is really how it happened, but I find it true. LOL

  • Karen

    It might be, that is the way it happened! 😉

  • Teddy

    Now, I see how they made those lights

  • Ayesha

    People nowadays always have lol

    • Jefferson

      Have what? A great Idea ins’t it! 😉

  • Mahbub

    It’s called the “hybrid generation”!!! 😉

  • Lauren Swift

    I have a bulb that looks like the baby one

  • Jason

    I can now imagine cute baby if you have cute mom and dad. LOL

  • Bresnan

    Happy family :)

  • Marsha Sanchez

    They had a very cute child! Nice genes! 😀