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Sodastream Ad Banned From Super Bowl (VIDEO)


Sodastream ad had been banned by CBS from the Super Bowl.

President Yonah Lloyd talks to Bloomberg TV about why his company’s commercial was banned from the Super Bowl.

It was Sodastream’s first trip to the Super Bowl. They plan to reedit the ad so that it can be accepted.


The ad shows both competitors Coke and Pepsi in it. But apparently this was not okay to CBS.

Lloyd says it’s comparative advertising and it can be done.

Sodastream is a device that allows users to take ordinary tap water and carbonate it to create soda water. They also make concentrated syrups and falvorings that Sodastream owners can use to create carbonated beverages that are similar to the popular brands of soda and energy drinks.

Sodastream wants to be in the Super Bowl to create exposure for the company and increase their customer base.


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  • Asharvin

    If this Ads was meant to increase costumer, why was it banned?