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Stacey Dash Defends Supporting Mitt Romney

Actress Stacey Dash responds to the backlash from tweeting that she supports Mitt Romney

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  • Wonder Girl

    All I can say is to vote wisely during the elections!

    • Ayesha

      I would like to add on that.. We must vote from the heart! 😉

  • Patrick

    Her support may influence some others to vote Romney. :-)

  • Nina Lee

    I am not an american, and I do not know what really Obama did for the country, but Stacey’s point of views are not merely realistic. LOL No such perfect candidate like that! If she think she failed by voting Obama to the last election, how could be sure that she voted the perfect one this coming election?

  • Felice

    She has all the point of view, but I think Obama could do also all her visions.

  • Georgina

    “We need to united and move forward!” that is a nice thought but we can do that whoever be elected as president, not just if we elect your supported candidate!

  • Olga

    I really do not like people who put down Obama. :-( Just vote your candidate! duhh..

  • Julia

    Maybe this actress just want more publicity, this is why her support was really made a big news! duhh…

  • Hillary

    Hmm It’s her choice to vote Romney for this election. She just want a change.

  • Marsha Sanchez

    Well we have our own choice in choosing candidate. Stacey just got hers.

  • Dannah

    She said “He seems authentic and genuine”. So, maybe she feels Obama isn’t that’s she chose Romney