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Star Wars XXX Parody

Porn parody of Star Wars is in the works. The trailer’s first scene shows a spaceship with an X behind it. Clearly indicating that it is a porn film. Most of the actors who play the lead roles are fairly popular in the industry. However, long-time award winning porn actor, Lexington Steele, plays the master role of Darth Vadar.

The film directed by Axel Braun and produced by Vivid Entertainment, is a high budget porn flick. High budget not in the likes of  the Star Wars franchise themselves, but relative to the porn industry films. With a mix of CGI technology and amateur acting, this film is truly in line with porn films.

The parody stays true to the original Star Wars along with the costumes. However, the Republic trooper outfits have a sexy twist to them. They wear no pants! Allie Haze who plays Princess Leia mentioned a sequel to the film. Hinting of a parody for the second film, The Empire Strikes Back.

The trailer only teases an awkward sexual tension between Princess Leia and Darth Vadar, but nothing too revealing. Though you would have to wonder, how and where the sex scenes would take place. Then again, porn films do have a habit of putting scenes in the most odd places.


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  • Sheri

    seems interesting

  • BallyDance

    Sounds good.. lolzzzz!!!!

  • Masum

    I’d watch film 😉
    I mean it’s not Star Wars as we know but oh well