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Stoned Drivers Hit The Road For Marijuana DUI Limit Test (VIDEO)

Drivers were asked to smoke marijuana and then drive to test Marijuana DUI limits.

Legalizing marijuana had been a controversial subject for many years. With so many concerns regarding regulating marijuana, the question of how high is too high to drive was surely put to the test by a TV station.


In a February 13 segment, Washington TV station KIRO assembled a group of volunteers who they asked to smoke pot called “blueberry train wreck” and had them drive in a test course.

During the test, police officers stood by to check for signs of impaired driving. The station also included a driving school instructor sitting in the passenger’s seat ready to take charge of the wheel or press the brake pedal if necessary.


Although the stoned drivers were quite entertaining, the test drive didn’t help answer the question. A regular marijuana user drove without problems initially. Her driving became more aggressive after smoking more pot. Casual smokers also drove without an incident. However, after smoking more marijuana, their driving became worse.


Colorado and Washington lawmakers have struggled with the amount of marijuana a person can use to be considered impaired when driving.

In 2012, Colorado did not pass a law that would limit drivers to 5 nano grams of THC per millilitre of blood.

THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

But Washington passed a law in 2012 setting the legal impairment at 5 nano grams of THC.

But some say it’s all common sense.

Bob Calkins, a Washington State Patrol spokesman, recently told the Oregonian, “We don’t just pull people over and draw blood… If you’re driving OK, we’re not going pull you over. But driving impaired is still driving impaired.”

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