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Strange Addiction: Sheyla Hershey 38KKK cup size

The TLC “My Strange Addiction”, featured Hershey describing her 13 year addiction to big breasts plus the 22 surgeries she has undertaken to raise her B cup to a 38KKK.

She states that she feels ugly after every surgery and longs for them to be bigger.

Her recent round of surgeries increased her breasts size to MMM. However, Hershey suffered staph infections and almost lost her life. She also temporarily lost her breast implants. This led to severe depression and suicide attempts. Eventually she got her KKK breasts restored.

After going through that, she still wants to try to increase her bust size to MMM again.

“But I’m not happy with how they look right now,” she explained. Each breast enhancement satisifed her for awhile then she starts to feel she is unattractive and wants them bigger.

This addiction has caused her to sacrifice the ability to tie her own shoes, jog or even hug her daughter normally. It seems those things do not matter and her happiness can only be achieved through increasing her cup size.

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