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Student Wears “I Enjoy Vagina” Shirt Gets Kicked Out Of School

A Queen’s high school student was told to leave school for wearing “I Enjoy Vagina” shirt.

Brianna Demato was told to leave Newtown HIgh School Tuesday when she refused to change her shirt that says “I enjoy vagina” t-shirt.

The bisexual teen says the school is hypocritical. She said, “They use the word in class, why can’t I, on a shirt?”

The dean of the school noticed the shirt during lunch time. Brianna was taken to the assistant principal’s office where they gave her a choice of changing shirts or go home.

The teen refused to change, so her mother was called by the dean. Her mom, Cathy Demato, sided with her daughter. She rushed to her daughter’s school to defend her and her right to wear the shirt.

“They’re discriminating against Brianna. They pulled her out of class for nothing,” says Cathy. “She’s not hurting anyone. It’s her right to wear that shirt.”

When the two wouldn’t leave school, the dean called safety agents to escort them off the school.

Newton High School Principal John Ficalora would not comment on the incident.

According to agency spokeswoman Margie Feinberg, the shirt worn by the teen likely caused “disruption and the language is inappropriate for school.”

Students at the high school have mixed feelings about the shirt.

One student said:

“I wouldn’t want my kids wearing a shirt like that. Go to  the gay parade like that. Don’t go to school like that.”

Another student said:

“I have a lot of friends that wear shirts that are worse than that. They don’t get sent home.”

What do you think of this story? Did school officials overreact to the shirt?

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  • Allen

    School officials are not giving this girl a chance. They are only making this issue a big deal even it is not! What the problem of wearing this shirt? She is not hurting anybody, anyway!

  • Ayesha

    Good thing her mother are supporting her all along. The school admin has been too cruel about wearing this t-shirt.

  • Teddy

    This is a discrimination for all bisexual I guess… The school just over reacting for kicking out this poor girl who just want to wear that shirt…

  • Marsha Sanchez

    I think it is her right to wear that shirt, she must not kicked out suddenly just because of that. Suspension is one option.

  • Elly

    I don’t understand the present teens mentality. How they do this type of work??

  • Adam Kimberlin

    This is really a shocking thing that, school girls do stuff like this!!

  • Tim Clerk

    What a trend !! Good job done by the school authorities.

  • JhonX

    “I enjoy Vagina” !!! Really a good concept for t-shirt company 😉

  • Ripper G

    I think, the school authorities did a great work to kicked out the girl from school.