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Student Wins $400 Bet For Hooking Up With Teacher

student being interviewed at his home
Four students at Manhattan Theater Lab High School made a bet on who can hook up with their teacher first.

Each of the four students put up $100 to see who can have sex with global-studies teacher Julie Warning, 26.

The winner: 18-year-old Eric Arty.

Arty kissing a girl at a park was captured on video last week. He would not confirm the identity of the woman in the video with him. He would only say that he felt sorry for the woman in the video, but would not say anything more.

Andrew Cabrera, a junior at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, told the New York Post that it was a bet between Arty and a group of his friends.

Warning will not face criminal charges because Arty is above the age of consent. He does not face punishment and will graduate this year.

Warning is not a tenured teacher. However, she was not fired from her job. Instead, she was reassigned to an administrative position. She did not show up at her new position last Wednesday.

Should Warning be punished for having a relationship with her student? What do you think?

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