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Students Join Sex Industry To Pay For School

Students turn to sex industry to pay for tuition.

Researchers are studying how many students are in the sex industry. They plan to setup a website where girls can speak in confidence about working for the industry.

They believe that the industry is “unregulated and dangerous.”

Below are three students who admit to working in the sex industry and are not ashamed of it.

Rebecca Thulborn is a 23-year-old student at Salford University. She strips online for strangers to earn money for her tuition. She ultimate goal is to become a psychiatrist. However, it will cost £3000 a year. Once she gets into medical school, it will cost her £9,000 a year.

Rebecca says she would rather strip in front of a webcam than serve at a bar all night. That way she would still have the time to study.

She earns £50-an-hour job under her webcam gig.

Liya Step is another student attending University of Creative Arts in Rochester, Kent. She met a “sugar daddy” on in January.

The 22-year-old aspiring designer was struggling to pay for her £5,000-a-year tuition fees.

She met her 43-year-old millionaire boyfriend from the dating site and now she receives an allowance from him.

Liya said she is now in a committed relationship with the man.

“I want to be a fashion designer. Without him I just wouldn’t be able to do that. Or I would be saddled with huge debts.”

“I’ve heard of girls turning to prostitution, which I think is just horrendous.”

Michelle Sayers works as a lap dancer in order to raise the money she needs for her business management course.

The 22-year-old from Middlesex has put a pause on her studies at the University of Roehampton until she has earned enough money to pay for school. The tuition fees for her program is £8,500 a year.

According to Sayers, she earns up to £800 a night. As an administrator she earns £400 a week.

Sayers said she started lap dancing after a friend told her about the job.

What do you think of turning to the sex industry to pay for education? Is the cost of education too high?

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  • Unnamed

    Sad but true :(

  • Marsha Sanchez

    I guess this girls are desperate to get a educational degree, out of a dirty work! I felt so sorry for them, but do they felt sorry for themselves too?

    • Unnamed

      Not may be.

  • Madeline

    It is really hard to find money nowadays and so education. This girls want to finish a degree to get a better job, While there a lot of people out there who are fortunate enough to study but do not want to pursue. Life is merely irrational! People would do everything to get what they want. I cannot blame this girls if they find that industry is much helpful to achieve their goals in life.

  • Karen

    I think this girls are enjoying bunch of easy money! There is a lot work online, then why they prefer to choose this kind of work? Even they finished higher education, still they cannot get a better job. It just because they have a bad reputation. I’m sure they end up continuing working that kind of crap!

  • Charry

    To be educated is the most wonderful possessions a person could have. I felt sorry for those ladies that being featured to this blog, they have no other choice. :-(

  • Alona

    I guess their earnings is not only for education, it is more than that! They may have many expenses to spend to. I cannot blame this girls, we are on global crisis, everyone is trying to do everything for survival.

  • Hillary

    What’s the point of getting best education, when your integrity is being put down with this kind of job? There’s a lot of online jobs out there that may harness their skills. I think those girls just wanna find “easy money”

  • LoliPop

    Hey, why you take it seriously ?? I think it’s an enjoyable way for those girls to earn some extra “cash” besides of fun 😉

  • Favio

    I’m really totally shocked to hear that. Why those brilliant students do that types of hated work?? Bear their educational expense?? Ahhh.. Shitt :( There are many legit and honest way to earn money. As a student of a reputed institution, they shouldn’t do such kind of blemish work. If they try by themselves to live with an honest way, I’m sure they can do that, not only they can continue their study but also can help their parents too.

  • Samia

    I don’t understand, why they go through those bloody jobs for their educational expense?? They can earn a massive income if they learn about online earning as well as freelancing. I personally know a women, who can’t able to walk for her disability but her income stream is 5000-7000$ per month. She mainly works as a blogger. So, I think those educated girls should give up their bloody profession and they try to learn about online earning..

    • Mahbub

      100% agree with you.

    • unknown

      5000-700 Zimbabwe dollars maybe.