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Super Vision Contact Lenses

Super vision contact lenses are in the midst plus more.

Innovega iOptik contact lenses sharpen real world vision at the same time reproducing a 3D HD panoramic screen.

Much like Google’s Project Glass, iOPtik lenses feature HUDs (head-up displays) which are virtual computer screens that viewers can utilize to view data. But without the bulky head gear.

Military personnel already use helmets that overlay data, but they are quite cumbersome.

Innovega’s iOptik contact lenses will have compact HUDs embedded in them that will allow soldiers to receive and send data hands-free.

The system can potentially be used for real-time feeds such as satellites, drones, and video feeds from helmet cameras of other soldiers. The data will be displayed on a translucent lens while a fighter is on the move.

The company intended the contact lenses to work together with modified sunglasses to allow images to be projected onto them. Imagine Oakley sunglasses with Virtual reality systems.

So, which one do you prefer? Google Glass or iOptik contact lenses?

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