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Prank: Friends Push Surfer Off Boat As Shark Approached (VIDEO)

A surfer was pushed off the boat by his friends while an oncoming shark approached.

A shark of an unknown type at the time was close to the surfers’ boat. Then one of the guys pushed another guy off the boat as the boat continued to move forward towards the shark.

The guy’s friends kept laughing as he struggled to get back onto the boat. In the end, the surfer who was pushed off thought it was a funny prank as well.

The shark is reportedly a basking shark, a gentle plankton eater that is not known to be dangerous.

What would you do if your friends pushed you off a boat with a shark close by?

See the photos here:

The surfer laughs it off after just being pushed off the boat towards an oncoming shark.
Reportedly, the shark was a gentle beast called a basking shark.

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  • Bresnan


  • Meski

    Either that or hes trying to claim the insurance!!!

  • Xamtion

    What a bunch of idiots!!

  • Virat

    This guy needs to find some real friends because this lot are certainly not that.

  • Clara

    Very funny.. The shark or fish would have sucked him to death first.

  • Favio

    I don’t think we get many great whites of the coast of Ireland or any other man-eater.

  • Elly

    Just laughing at the self righteous miserable middle Englanders stuck in their miserable 9-5 jobs criticizing some young lads having fun!